Andrew Bird has announced his upcoming album Break It Yourself. The masterpiece is set to release on March 6, 2012, followed by a US tour. How beautiful is this video?

For Free: Chasing Color // The Canvas Waiting


In celebration of their third album’s first birthday, this local Austin band is giving Chasing Color away for free. With so many local bands out there (especially in Austin), it’s hard to find a solid one. But that’s exactly what The Canvas Waiting is - a solid band. They make genuine and captivating music that you really can’t help but love. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. But first, download this album and support them by buying their other two albums. 

Andrew Bird wrote a song about 11/11/11. What did you do? I spent my day listening to this song and wishing that we hear something full-length from Mr. Bird soon. Anything’s possible on 11/11/11, right?

Ghosts That We Knew // Mumford & Sons

"Give me hope in the darkness and I will see the light."

They just keep cranking out masterpieces. It’s in their blood as a band. Always meaningful, always honest, Mumford & Sons makes some of the most genuine music around today. I hope this album they’ve been kicking around will come out relatively soon.

The Waits Room EP//Delta Spirit


Delta Spirit is very kindly offering The Waits Room EP for free! Five great tracks by a phemonemal band for free. Is there anything better? Yes, there is. The version of Bushwick Blues that is on this EP. I didn’t think my favorite Delta Spirit song could get any better. But then it did. Do yourself a favor, head over here, and get you some solid music.

July//Youth Lagoon

Do yourself a favor and experience this beautifully made video of Youth Lagoon. It was featured on Pitchfork’s Tunnelvision earlier this week. There’s something magical and naive about Youth Lagoon. Perhaps it’s the slow and patient build ups or the seeming normality that vibes. Whatever it is, it’s wonderful. Enjoy it.

Mylo Xyloto // Coldplay


Starting off with Mylo Xyloto, a dream pop daze which quickly fades into Hurts Like Heaven, an upbeat dance track, Coldplay’s newest album Mylo Xyloto is a completely different entity right out of the gates. While you can still enjoy the beauties of Chris Martin’s smooth voice, acoustic guitar strums, and the occasional strings that make up everything Coldplay used to be, they become more of an undertone to the electronic starry frenzy that the band has transformed into. It’s different. But it grows on you. When I heard the first single released from this album, Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall, I immediately hated it because it wasn’t what I was expecting. But as more and more tracks were released, they grew on me. Top that off with experiencing them live at ACL, and I was sold. Sometimes it’s hard to keep an open mind, especially with a band like Coldplay who created such a strong identity for themselves. I mean, who ever thought that you’d be dancing to Coldplay at a party? But their experimentation totally worked out for them. I can’t get Charlie Brown out of my head. 

I would also like to mention the Paradise video. It’s weird and obscure but matches up perfectly with Coldplay’s new identity, don’t you think? (It also shows off Chris Martin’s circus side. Who knew he could ride a unicycle?) It’s really gorgeous too, like a real-life Lion King. 

Meet Frightened Rabbit, a Scottish indie folk rock band, heavy on the accent. This is them performing Scottish Winds for Invisible Children’s Silver Series. They are ever so kindly giving away their new EP, A Frightened Rabbit, for free! So you can head over here, give them your email address, and receive their fantastic three song EP, including Scottish Winds.

Death Cab For Cutie

Sometimes I fear that expectations can ruin things. Obviously, I had my expectations of what Death Cab would be like live. I mean, it’s only a band that I’ve wanted to see for years. So I decided to push my expectations out of the picture, just in case. I didn’t need to do that. They exceeded anything I thought that could have been. It’s easy to forget how good a band truly is when you listen to them. But it’s always such a rush when you see them live and are reminded of their very real talent. 

Death Cab opened with the long intro-ed I Will Possess Your Heart which built up a lot of anxiety in the crowd. “I just want to hear his voice.” Yes. Someone said that. And I agreed. They played through a good mix of songs from most of their albums. From the most recent tracks off of Codes And Keys to the super old school songs from Something About Airplanes. I’ve been trying to pick out a favorite song since the show. But it’s hard. I really liked the Blacking Out The Friction/ St. Peter’s Cathedral mix. It was really unexpected but the two songs worked surprisingly well together. Grapevine Fires is one of my all time favorites. But Transatlanticism was probably the best (the all time favorite). It was the very last song they played in the encore. It was like a sigh of relief at the end of the show. For whatever reason, that song always seems to be relatable. And experiencing it live was probably one of the best concert moments I’ve experienced. It’s one of those unexplainable feelings.

Doors Unlocked And Open (Cut Copy Remix) // Death Cab For Cutie

Today Death Cab For Cutie announced that they will be releasing a series of remixes from their album Codes And Keys over the next few weeks. These tracks will be a part of the “Keys and Codes Remix EP” being released on November 22. Doors Unlocked And Open, remixed by Australian electro-band Cut Copy, is the first to be released. This upbeat techno remix is obviously completely different from the original song and is very much so in a whole other realm then DCFC. I can’t help but like it and can’t help but dance. I can’t wait to hear more and find out what other artists are going to take a swing at DCFC songs. 

Up next: A review of the DCFC show from last night. Still taking it all in.