Andrew Bird has announced his upcoming album Break It Yourself. The masterpiece is set to release on March 6, 2012, followed by a US tour. How beautiful is this video?

For Free: Chasing Color // The Canvas Waiting


In celebration of their third album’s first birthday, this local Austin band is giving Chasing Color away for free. With so many local bands out there (especially in Austin), it’s hard to find a solid one. But that’s exactly what The Canvas Waiting is - a solid band. They make genuine and captivating music that you really can’t help but love. If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it. But first, download this album and support them by buying their other two albums. 

Andrew Bird wrote a song about 11/11/11. What did you do? I spent my day listening to this song and wishing that we hear something full-length from Mr. Bird soon. Anything’s possible on 11/11/11, right?

Ghosts That We Knew // Mumford & Sons

"Give me hope in the darkness and I will see the light."

They just keep cranking out masterpieces. It’s in their blood as a band. Always meaningful, always honest, Mumford & Sons makes some of the most genuine music around today. I hope this album they’ve been kicking around will come out relatively soon.

The Waits Room EP//Delta Spirit


Delta Spirit is very kindly offering The Waits Room EP for free! Five great tracks by a phemonemal band for free. Is there anything better? Yes, there is. The version of Bushwick Blues that is on this EP. I didn’t think my favorite Delta Spirit song could get any better. But then it did. Do yourself a favor, head over here, and get you some solid music.